Rough itinerary

After looking at the world map for months, we came up with this rough itinerary (and it’s still flexible!):


Planning your trip is all about making choices. Initially we wanted to travel South America, Africa and Asia, but 1 year is simply too short unless you want to rush through everything. You also need to look which destinations are connected by flights, which is the main reason why we’ve added a stop-over in New Zealand. (Europe was also a stop-over option, but that didn’t work for me mentally).

We also wanted to combine some destinations that are on our wish list since a while: the Himalayas, Hong Kong, Bolivia, and some regions where we could potentially do some volunteering work. Namibia was also on that list, but connections just didn’t work out.

Of course we try to have the best weather possible! This mainly means no rain and not too cold/snowy. When we decided to leave 2 months later than initially planned, we still swopped the whole thing to avoid rainy season in Asia.

But this is it for now. Besides the big intercontinental flights, nothing is fixed. If you see this map now, we will just be able to travel a tiny part of the big big world! I’m curious to see how much it will still change!

Key timings:

  • September 2018 : Nepal
  • end of January 2019 : Hong Kong
  • February 2019 : New-Zealand
  • March 2019 : Chile
  • August 2019 : Colombia or Ecuador

In case you’re in the neighborhood by that time, let us know!

One thought on “Rough itinerary

  1. Have a nice trip! And remember, HI will be happy to welcome you to visite their program!
    Let me know, I would be happy to help !
    Bon vent,


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