Saying goodbye

While being on the plane to Nepal, we had some time to reflect over our last days at home and saying goodbye to our loved ones…

Why we hate saying goodbye:

What I least looked forward to was the goodbye thing, but of course it’s unavoidable so better make it as nice as possible! We arranged several moments to have a last chat, drink or meal with the most important people in our lives, hoping to have one more good memory before we had to miss it/them. It included quite some tears for me (to be expected), but what I hadn’t given any tought, was that it was also quite emotional for the others. What looked like a decision that (mainly) has a huge impact on our own lives, we undeliberately also impact other people’s lives. And it wasn’t a nice tought since they didn’t choose for it at all. So sorry but not sorry but sorry!

Why we like saying goodbye:

Still there is also a nice side on saying goodbye. It’s when you realize you won’t see each other for a while, that we can show more easily how we feel about the other. The hugs are stronger, the words are with more meaning, and the looks are more intense. Maybe it’s a pity that it takes a tour out in the world to speak out how you feel about the other. But we look at it as the best goodbye gift!

(Some goodbye moments)

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